What Standing Work Stations Can Do For Your Spine

Sep 2020

Why Do You Stand While Working?

Standing while working in front of a computer helps to take the stress away from sitting all day long for sure. When you sit for long periods of time it is just like running a marathon, the same muscle patterns keep firing or being overused.

Standing allows the human body to rely on different fascial muscular connections, relieving other areas in the body from the repetitiveness of sitting. But standing too for long periods of time or in a poor standing posture also is just as detrimental as sitting for long periods of time. It is critical to check your posture just as much while standing and working as sitting.

Ask yourself these questions:

Am I standing all hunched over leaning onto the desk?

Is my eye contact to the computer level or is my head bent down or too far up?

Am I shifting onto one leg over the other?

Check out our Longevity Live on the correct standing posture.

Standing tall and correctly is the key while at your standing work station. Also check out these links for standing mats. Standing on hard surfaces compresses the spine. Some of the new stress mats have stretching grooves to them to break up the monotony of standing and allows you to get a fascial workout in at the same time!


My name is Dr. Susan Clark, I am a licensed Chiropractor with a sports background. My niche is sports performance to include medically engineered products to get patients up and moving. Products we have designed are based on real cadaver and chronic patient injury patterns over the last 12 years.